About Us

Nani? Scans was created by a group of friends that enjoy reading some good manga and want to spread the joy!

We are a group that cares about the quality of our releases. We aim to have the best quality possible within a short amount of time between our releases.  This balance is not easily acquired, and we will always prioritize quality over speed. If you find any mistake in what we put out there, then please report it in a comment, or even better on our discord (we have a feedback channel especially for this).

Licenses and Disclaimer

We do not own the mangas we are hosting and will bring them down if asked.  As soon as one of them gets licensed and available in English, we will remove it from the site.

Picking Up Projects

We only scanlate what we are interested in, which is mainly Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen, Shounen, Horror, Slice-of-Life, and Ecchi.  If you have any suggestions or any series you’d like translated, just give us the word on discord, and we’ll examine the request.

The Question of Manga Aggregators

We are not against the spread of our releases on the numerous aggregator sites (we upload our chapters on the site called MangaDex ourselves for instance), but we ask for a delay of 24 hours between our release and theirs, and we want them to keep the credit pages.  We do know some won't respect those conditions, but at least we tried.

Translation to Other Languages

Some scanlators out there might want to translate our releases into their language, and we encourage it. Maybe we can give out our PSDs if you ask nicely :D

Joint Projects

If you are interested in joining forces with us to scanlate a series, then we could work this out. Send a PM to the admins (or even the staff) on our discord.

What we have mentioned above should answer most of your questions. Of course, don’t hesitate to join our discord and discuss with us about everything and anything (and also get notifications about new chapters).

And most of all, enjoy the releases!

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